Hoonah's dock divide
They have the same goal but different ideas about how to get there.
Spanish isn't Spanish when it's Spanish
It's a bit embarrassing to admit that after 16 months in Latin America, I'm still thoroughly confused by the Spanish language. I cannot speak, hear, or even read Spanish fluently. Not even close. I've put a decent amount of effort into studying the language and seeking out practice along the way, but apparently it hasn't been enough.
When drains won't do, Juneau's landfill does
Juneau residents sure like to thin paint.
Distillery enters tourist summer with whiskey dreams
At Haines' Port Chilkoot Distillery, the key ingredient isn't the corn that comes in 300-pound lots. It isn't the fresh water that comes from the Chilkat River.
Thawing toolik  station is no small task for scientists
TOOLIK FIELD STATION - Despite a wind that makes today's minus 14 degrees Fahrenheit feel like minus 39, a worker at this research camp in blue-white hills north of the Brooks Range has proclaimed this the first day of summer.

You are being sent to the International Space Station for one year. What one thing do you bring?
"I'd bring my Kindle with me, if I could connect. That way I could get access to all the news, books, and everything on Earth."
Log book
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