Urban Decay, Part II: First comes housing
Editor's note: This is the second in a three-part series about efforts to improve the condition of downtown Juneau. Part three, which will focus on past and current efforts to improve downtown's buildings and environment, will appear in the July 30 issues of the Juneau Empire and Capital City Weekly.
Just about anyone can walk into a brewery and - if the staff isn't busy and they are asked nicely - a tour might be in order. Most breweries have a scheduled time of the week, or multiple times when tours happen. This may or may not be convenient, depending on your schedule or how many people you're hauling along with you.
Meals with Midgi: When Life Give You Lemons ... Make Lemon Orzo
As noted in previous columns, I love lemons. I love the fresh, tangy flavor of lemon in my drinks - except iced tea. (That's just not tasty to me.)
It came as no surprise when the first price postings for Bristol Bay sockeye salmon tanked last week to $1.20/lb, with an extra 15 cents for chilled fish. That compares to a base price of $1.50 per pound last year.
Southeast History: Kell Bay's Isolated salmon cannery
On the southwest end of Kuiu Island, in remote Kell Bay, a cannery was built in 1901 by a few Tacoma miners who struck it rich in the Klondike Gold Rush. One hundred years after the cannery was torn down and moved to Bristol Bay in 1904, husband Frank and I visited the bay in the Twinkle to see what remained.

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